Image De-noising using Spatial Adaptive Lifting Scheme

Y.-S. Park and H.-S. Kwak (Korea)


Image and Image processing, Denoising, Lifting scheme, Wavelet transform


In this paper, we describe an approach for image denoising using the lifting construction, with the spatial adaptive wavelet transform. The adaptive lifting scheme is implemented in spatial domain to be adjusted thresholds to reduce noise. In this approach we represent adaptive characteristics of biorthogonal wavelets for choosing predictors effectively. Predict filter is changed from sample to sample according to local signal features with their vanishing moments. We in this approach have implemented and applied to image denoising by finding a relevant minimax threshold. Experimental results show that the adaptive method of denoising process is compared with existing ones, such as non-adaptive wavelet, CRF(13, 7) and SWE(13, 7) wavelets used by JPEG2000.

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