Efficient Arbitrary Viewpoint Image Synthesis using 3-D Model and Specular Reflection Tracing

T. Matsushita, T. Ueda, K. Fukuda, and A. Kawanaka (Japan)


arbitrary viewpoint image, variable block size matching algorithm, diffuse reflection, specular reflection


In order to use arbitrary viewpoint images in practical applications such as "virtual" museums and Internet shopping malls, image syntheses with high quality and efficient data representation are required. To this end, we have developed an arbitrary viewpoint image synthesis system based on the 3D geometric model and several camera images. In order to derive an efficient representation of the data required for the arbitrary viewpoint synthesis, we introduce a specular reflection tracing scheme. As a first step, we synthesized an image on a camera viewpoint using camera images at viewpoints close to that of the synthesizing image and a 3D geometric model, and derived motion vectors of the camera image to the synthesized image with a variable block size matching algorithm. Because the 3D model-based synthesized image represents the diffuse reflection components relatively accurately, the obtained motion vectors mainly trace the specular reflection components. And we synthesize arbitrary viewpoint images by using the motion compensation of the 3D model-based synthesized image with the motion vectors ar the viewpoint. Experimental results applying the proposed method to an object of statue show the effectiveness of our method.

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