Developed Teaching Theories for Effective On-line Education Environment

I. Gondal and P. Odgers (Australia)


Multimedia, University education, On-line, Information fusion


On-line education (OLE) has become part and parcel of the current age in creating and delivering knowledge. Advances in telecommunication and storage technologies have paved the way to create new trends in distributed learning. The on-line education environment expects learners to be active rather than passive. Developed teaching theories also view a student as an active partner in his/her learning. To offer an effective learning environment, multimedia applications can be used to fuse various forms of information e.g. text, images, voice and video. In virtual classes, various media objects can be fused to offer simulated laboratory experience for distance education students in a cost effective manner. This paper presents a virtual class model to highlight the importance of developed teaching theories and information fusion for on-line education.

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