Cognitive Reasoning to Respond Affectively to the Student

P.A. Jaques, M. Bercht, E. Bocca, and R.M. Vicari (Brazil)


Affective Computing, Cognitive Agents, BDI, Animated Pedagogical Agents, Affective User Interaction.


. This paper presents our experiments and re sults in exploring the construction of affective interaction models between a student and an ITS (Intelligent Tutor ing Systems) that uses a BDI (Belief-Desire-Intention) approach. We present the results of our previous works in the use of mental attitudes to build student and tutor mod els. We also present an ongoing work in affective educa tional strategies applied by lifelike agents. Our previous experiments with MAS (Multi-Agent System) and BDI in the construction of ITS help us to study the complexity of the educational environments that take into account the affectivity involved in the interactions with artificial and biological agents.

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