An Interdisciplinary E-learning System for the K-6

C. Tavares Ribeiro, C. Ribeiro, P. Dias, M. Rocha, and J. Neves (Portugal)


Web-Based Education (WBE), E-learning, Adaptive hyper media, Living knowledge.


Education as a way of being, remains besides school time, by means of a permanent learning process, making the feeling of knowledge as a whole, as knowledge itself is, through the discovery of the relationship among differ ent matters, even those that, in a single view, are not re lated. This paper presents the research and results for the development of an illustrated, interactive, permanent and asynchronous learning model that allows the exploration of knowledge subjects, searching about their relationship. This is materialized via an e-learning interdisciplinary en vironment, to be used by K-6 students, but also involving teachers and parents, to be used within an existing model of integrated use of Information and Communication Tech nologies in educational contexts.

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