Development of Corporate E-learning and Use of Wireless Technologies

N. Casalino (Italy)


E-learning, interaction, manager, corporations, wireless,pda, network, learning objects, knowledge exchange.


Training managers feel the urgency to deliver knowledge and skills, more rapidly and efficiently than before. In the age of just-in-time production, just-in-time training becomes a critical element to organizational success. At the same time, these workers require more independence and responsibility in their jobs and dislike close supervision. Modern training methods need to reflect these changes in lifestyle. Corporate e-learning is one of the fastest growing and most promising markets in the education industry. While the market is currently relatively small and early-stage, it is poised to explode. Technology has changed the way we live, work, think, and learn. Today's workforce has to process more information in a shorter amount of time. As production cycles and life spans of products continue to shorten, information and training quickly become obsolete. Especially for global organizations, live classroom-based training is becoming too costly and cumbersome. Even if employees had the time to attend all the courses and seminars and to read all the books and reports they should to remain up-to-date in their area of work, the cost of such learning would be prohibitive. Besides wireless technology can be an important key to e-learning. It takes e-learning to the field, where the best hands-on learning takes place.

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