From Scenarios to a Generic Architecture for Education and Training Systems

S.W. Matsui Siqueira (Brazil), M.H.L. Baptista Braz (Portugal), R. Nascimento Melo (Brazil)


Educational and training systems; Informationtechnology; Generic architecture


Nowadays, there is a great amount of educational and training systems, which provide different functionality according to different administrative, pedagogical and technological approaches. Authoring tools, content repositories, curriculum design, collaborative tools and evaluation and assessment are some pieces of this educational "puzzle". This paper describes some scenarios of educational and training systems, considering courseware functionality, in order to achieve a generic architecture to e-learning from the software development point of view. This architecture aims at enabling a better understanding of the involved technological aspects of educational and training systems, allowing to identify possible components that may be object of a standardization process and thus facilitating e-learning software development and use.

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