Towards Cost-effective Open Architecture for Corporative WBT

L. Sheremetov, M. Contreras, M. Chi, E. German, and C. Osuna (Mexico)


Corporate WBT, Communication Technologies for WBT,Runtime Platform, Component Technology


In the Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP), the project on Corporate Web-Based Training (CWBT) is under development. This project integrates the research on telecommunication and education technologies adoption in order to design and develop an efficient infrastructure for CWBT. In this work, the runtime platform for the CWBT is described. To insure interoperability, portability and reusability of training software, Jini component technology is used as an open middleware for component based CWBT applications. This technology enables the IMP to enhance its existing training program with resources of the CWBT, in which groups of oil specialists (learners and tutors) could collaborate at different geographical areas.

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