Teaching Information Systems and International Students: A Qualitative Examination of the Cultural Differences in Computer Supported Group Work

N. Rahmati (Australia)


National Culture, GSS, Qualitative Analysis in IS


Most of the information systems subjects in different schools provide access to different types of technologies to facilitate on-line groupwork. These might be as simple as a shared whiteboard, chat room or as sophisticated as the group decision support systems technologies. Some of these technologies can be set up in such a way to provide the students with complete anonymity. Little research has addressed the impact of these technologies on students group work. As Leidner and Jarvenpaa [1] and Alavi and colleagues [2] outlined in their reviews of the learning literature, learning is best accomplished through the active involvement of students. The degree and the quality of student involvement in a decision making situation, according to the past cultural studies, depend on their cultural values [3]. The present study is an attempt to examine the interplay among cultural values, technology and the group work processes.

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