An Implementation of an Online Course Authoring Tool

J.T.D. Yang, S. Lee, and J.C. Lin (Taiwan)


SCORM, learning object repository (LOR), authoring tool, teaching material, e-Learning.


The purpose of this study is to implement a visualized on-line authoring tool for teachers at primary and junior high school levels in Taiwan to edit their teaching material. Based on the Learning Object Repository (LOR) at National Kaohsiung Normal University, this study addresses the interoperability problem consequence of the proliferation of online learning systems, mainly in Internet environments, which is being considered by key standardization institutions such as ADL's SCORM specifications. Our main objective is to contribute to this standardization process with an original proposal for a service architecture to build standard-driven distributed and interoperable teaching material. The teaching material made by our authoring tool can be delivered by heterogeneous online learning systems that are able to interoperate and exchange learning objects. Our product includes a visulaized authoring tool and SCORM-compliant packaging management. Finally, a scenario is selected to explain the functionalities of our authoring tool and CA package.

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