Bradley University: Towards Innovative Web-based Education

V. Uskov and C. Etaugh (USA)


Web-based education, Web-lecturing technology,online courseware.


The forces of technology and globalization are slowly, but dramatically, transforming higher education from narrow, local, face-to-face, in-classroom, one-teacher-based type of education into a global, technology-based, learner-centered learning in which Web-based education (WBE) is a key component. Bradley University at Peoria, Illinois, U.S.A., its College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) and InterLabs Research Institute (IRI) are actively involved into design and development of innovative WBE teaching and learning technologies, tools, and courseware. The IRI is hosting two National Science Foundation's (NSF) grants, specifically, NSF CCLI grant # 0196015 [1, 2] on WBE in Information Technology (IT) area and NSF ATE grant # 9950029 on advanced technological education [3, 4]. This paper briefly describes LAS College's and IRI Institute's main activities, technologies and achievements in WBE area.

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