Development of HTML Templates Introducing Simple Multimedia Database for Startup of Teacher Education

H. Suzuki, H. Nakano, S. Ozawa, K. Mikawa (Japan), K. Morita, and E. Krassowska Maciewicz


Training of trainers, HTML, JavaScript, Template,Information technology, Multimedia database,


In most of universities, faculty development is carried out on the basis of IT (information technology) techniques. Education of IT techniques to university teaching stuffs is important for faculty development. However, too much technical knowledge of computer should not be expected to most of teaching stuffs whose majors are not always computer sciences. This paper proposes an idea of "template in E-education" to produce digital contents. The template hides programming part from data part of digital contents. All that teaching staffs should do is to prepare data and cast them into the template. With the aid of this tool, multimedia teaching materials can be easily produced and are conveniently used in various types of courses in university. It is noted that the teaching material of web based training thus produced can be used not only for distance education but also for traditional education methods in normal classes. Contingent problem in training of trainers in university is discussed in detail in relation to utilization of web-based multimedia-database and design of the "template in E-education".

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