A MAPLE-based Verification Tool for Structured Analogue Circuit Design

A. Sarmiento-Reyes (Mexico) and L. Hernández-Martínez (Switzerland)


Design-automation, Symbolic Analysis Applications, Educational software


The structured design of analogue electronic circuits has as starting point an ideal solution. Such as solution does not exist, therefore the f inal (and feasible) solution must be obtained through a synthesis method. For the design of amplifier circuits, the structured desig methodology re sorts to the concept of nullor in order to achieve the ideal circuit, converting the design process into a step-by-step modification of the nullor till this is fully implemented with real devices, such as transistors. This paper introduces a MAPLE-based package which is aimed to verify the am plif ier design throgh the whole synthesis path. The tool gives more insight to the user about the structured design methodology by evaluating the transmission matrix (K) at every stage of design.

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