A Call System with Dialogical Interaction

H. Kashiwagi, M. Kato, T. Hirota, and K. Ohtsuki (Japan)


CATE, Educational Software and Hardware, CALL,Interaction, Hint Providing Function, Multimedia


This paper proposes a CAI system for foreign language learning based on the Total Physical Response Approach, which provides more flexible feedback from the instructor to the learner possible. This system, so designed to enhance interactivity between the computer and the learner, can automatically generate a context-sensitive hint for an error by tracking the mouse movement of the learner. Also in a problem with many unknown words in it, it can automatically produce a relevant hint according to the context and the learner's vocabulary. Our experiments showed that the learner was able to get the sense of achievement by utilizing the hints generated by the system rather than by being given the answer directly. The system does not provide the answer, but makes the learners think for themselves. Through the experiments, we also found such hints as location information were very efficient in building a dialogical relationship between the computer and the learner, simulating the actual situation where the instructor teaches in the classroom. Hearing instructions from the computer gives them opportunities to hear various sentences in English, and develop their recognition circuit of English in a direct way.

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