BrainSpace - A Method for Computer Supported Collaborative Knowledge Construction

M. Büsser and A. Ninck (Switzerland)


Collaborative Knowledge Construction, Problem Solving, Shared Space, Distributed Cognitive System


BrainSpace provides not only a platform but also a method for computer supported collaborative problem solving. Compared to traditional classroom situations the aim of BrainSpace is not education in the sense of knowl edge transfer. To the contrary a distributed cognitive sys tem is defined, where new knowledge is the outcome of an active and collaborative problem solving process. The well-specified communication protocol keeps the process on track, although the overall procedure is flexible and can be adapted to specific conditions and requirements. This means that one of the main prerequisites for a crea tive problem solving process can be ensured: perturba tions are introduced without loosing control of the overall process. Based on a pilot experience with a distributed group of 60 students, the method and its implementations are described, and its potential to facilitate the construc tion of new knowledge is discussed.

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