Interactive Media and Team-based Learning in a Computer Graphics Course blending Online and Face-to-face Delivery

K.C. Wiese, V. Kyrylov, J.C. Nesbit, and T. Calvert (Canada)


: Computer graphics, Learning objects, Collaborative learning, Course development, Java applets, Delivery models


We describe our experiences using interactive learning objects and team-based activities in an introductory computer graphics course. The paper shows how a blended model combining online and face-to-face learning can increase access to computer graphics courses while maintaining educational quality. Summarizing our curriculum design, course development, and pedagogical approaches, the paper is a case study offering guidance to developers of online courses in Computer Science. Our experience indicates that (1) Java applets can serve as highly effective learning objects illustrating the principles of computer graphics; (2) team-based activities can help students to learn fundamental math and programming skills as well as the soft skills of communication, collaboration, and project management; and (3) these innovations allow the introduction of relatively advanced computer graphics topics in a junior course.

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