A Web-based Japanese CALL System, the TeNiWoHa Checker, and Its Conformance to LTSA and EML

C. Nakabasami (Japan)


web-based education, CALL, EML


In this paper, we explain the TeNiWoHa Checker, a web based Japanese CALL system. We also discuss potential improvements to the checker, taking into consideration conformance to the standard concerning learning technologies. The first section of this paper focuses on the system architecture and the learning flow of the TeNiWoHa Checker. Next, we discuss how the checker should conform to the international standard in order to fulfill requirements of Japanese learners and teachers regarding a web-based CALL system. In the last half of the paper, we introduce Learning Technology Standard Architecture (LTSA). Learning Object Metadata (LOM), for the meta-data used in learning systems, is used for representations of learning resources in LTSA. LOM does not describe content with a more educational flavor, such as the advice of teachers. To overcome that deficiency, we propose a representation method for advice using Educational Modeling Language (EML).

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