New Tutoring Skills for Online Learning: A Constructivist View

M. Baptista Nunes and M. McPherson (UK)


e-tutoring, e-facilitating, e-learning, constructivism,tutoring skills, tutor selection


This paper discusses the importance of online tutors in the success of e-learning solutions. Since online tutors play a critical role in e-learning, as the main people responsible for the delivery of the courses and the support of the learners, they must be equipped with an appropriate set of skills and attributes in addition to subject matter expertise. Therefore, the process of online delivery according to a sound pedagogical approach is probably one of the most important critical success factors in learner acceptance of e-learning. Furthermore, and in order to be compatible with modern views of academic learning and instructional design, this process often adopts constructivist approaches. The adoption of constructivism is particularly difficult since tutors are not always prepared to take on the role of a facilitator rather than the one of the traditional instructor. This paper discusses this process in this context and suggests a suitable skills set for e-tutors adopting constructivism.

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