A Method for Developing Multilingual E-learning Material based on Functional Syllabus and XML Scripting: Dialogue Module in TUFS Language Modules

K. Yuki, K. Abe, and C. Lin (Japan)


Computer-assisted Learning and Instruction, Multilingual Teaching Material, XML, Functional Syllabus


The authors, supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, are developing web-based teaching material in the Graduate School of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. This material consists of four modules: a dialogue module, a pronunciation module, a grammar module and a vocabulary module. This paper focuses on the dialogue module. The material is based on an XML database and covers over 17 different languages from Arabic to Vietnamese. For the multilingual syllabus it adopts a functional syllabus and UTF-8 as its character set. Moreover, the development process is unique: this teaching material is being developed through collaboration among computer engineers, linguists and teachers of each language, and education specialists.

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