Design and Development of Multilingual E-learning Materials, TUFS Language Modules - Pronunciation

T. Kigoshi, S. Nakata, S. Abe, and H. Mochizuki (Japan)


Design and Development of Online Courses, Learning Theory, Pedagogy, Second Language Acqusition, Teaching Pronunciation, Multilingual Courses.


Multilingual e-learning materials covering 17 different languages are being developed at the Graduate School of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (`TUFS') under the auspices of Japan's Ministry of Education. This is called TUFS Language Module System, consisting of pronunciation, dialogue, grammar and vocabulary modules. The forerunner of these materials is its pronunciation module, the first version of which was completed and put on the website in April 2003. It is not a mere showcase of pronunciation, but a systematic e-learning material. The TUFS Language Module development is part of the project to create Linguistic Informatics, integrating linguistics and language education studies by the utilisation of informatics.

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