State-of-the-art in Training Systems for a Curriculum Design in Advanced Fieldbus Technology

P. Mariño, H. Hernández, M.A. Domínguez, F. Poza, F. Machado, and F. Vázquez (Spain)


Information technology, Profibus, WorldFIP, CAN, Devel opment tools and electronic devices.


In this paper it is presented the state-of-the-art in fieldbus technology, according with the authors' particular expe rience, giving diverse points of view about the necessary skills for using development tools and involved electronic devices, currently present in the training market. Given its growing impact all over automotive industry, an intro duction about the CAN fieldbus is presented, along with the software and hardware tools that configure training en vironments for this protocol. Following the two different CAN nodes developed currently by the authors, using the aforementioned tools, are presented. Finally, future devel opments with great potential in the education of informa tion technology engineers, and fieldbus training applied to automotive industry and others, are also mentioned.

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