The "Art" of Online Learning: Teaching Visual Art Virtually

B. Saromines-Ganne and P. Leong (USA)


Multimedia, Collaborative Learning, Visual Art


Taking an art course often makes many college students anxious. This could be attributed to the fact that students are unable to draw, and because they have not had any "art" since 8th grade or younger. If this is not enough to deter students from enrolling in an art course, try persuading them to take a distance education art course that is delivered entirely online. This article describes an online visual art course that is designed to overcome these fears and make learning an enjoyable virtual experience while developing critical thinking and working collaboratively with other students in the course. Qualitative data of students' evaluation of the course was collected and analyzed. Based on the findings, implications for the design of online courses, as well as for the teaching and learning of visual arts are provided.

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