An eFlashcard System for Teaching and Learning of English Vocabulary as a Foreign Language

G.C. Lee, Y.-J. Lo, C.-Y. Weng, and C.-C. Wu (Taiwan)


Flashcard, English as Foreign Language, ICT integration


In this paper, we described an eFlashcard system which was designed as a tool for teaching and learning of English vocabularies as a foreign language. The functionality of the system was based on inputs from junior high school English teachers. The system architecture, eFlashcard creation process and a pilot teaching experiment are reported. The experimentation results showed that both the teacher and the students react favorably toward the use of the eFlashcard system in class. The teacher used eFlashcard to replace paper-based flashcard instructional activities as well as devising new and off-class learning activities. Survey among two classes of eighty students indicated that the use of eFlashcard system in class enhanced their learning interest and allowed them to better follow the flow of the instructional activities.

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