Integrating Teaching with Research using Computer Vision Examples

G. Bebis and D. Egbert (USA)


university education, computer vision, teaching, research.


College education has historically, for the most part, focused on the products of scientific investigation. Many students today acquire their learning of a particular field through structured courses which restrict the students to passive watching rather than active doing. Preparing our students to be thinking individuals and motivating as many of them as possible to pursue graduate studies is absolutely vital to our society. Student research is an invaluable tool to be used in this process. This paper reviews recent and on-going innovative efforts to inte grate teaching with research using computer vision examples. In particular, we emphasize our efforts at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) to integrate computer vision examples in several undergraduate core courses. These efforts are part of a larger project called "Com bined Research-Curriculum Development (CRCD) in Computer Vision" which is funded by the National Sci ence Foundation (NSF).

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