Support Algorithms for Grasping Learning Situations based on Visualization of Learning Information

S. Nakamura, K. Sato, Y. Miyadera, A. Koyama, and Z. Cheng (Japan)


Visualization of Learning Information, Grasping Learning Situation, Guidance Navigation, WWW, e-learning,Computer-assisted Learning and Instruction


Recently, rapid developments of network environment have made learning activities on it adopting web documents as learning materials quite prosperous. This change has brought about diversification of needs in learning. There fore, development of novel learning styles, which can sat isfy various needs based on each learner's interests, knowl edge, and so on, is strongly demanded. In this research, a synthetic environment for supporting novel learning styles has been developed. This paper mainly describes algorithms for support ing instructors to grasp learning situation, which is quite important for effective guidance. Specifically, algorithms for constructing support knowledge based on visualization of learning histories are developed. Algorithms for creat ing guidance navigation, which manages each instructor's guidance styles and assists selecting support knowledge, are also developed. Finally, the effectiveness of developed support algorithms has been shown by experiments.

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