The Use of Professional Development School for Developing Student-teachers Professional Competencies

M. Ali (Indonesia)


Development of Student-Teachers'Professionalism


Teaching practice in every teacher education institution is regarded to developing the student-teachers' professional competencies. This is conducted either by using regular school or using Professional Development School (PDS). This study was mainly aimed at examining the effectiveness of the use of PDS in teaching practice, at the Indonesia University of Education, for developing the student-teachers' professional competencies, particularly related to the aspects of cognitive, teaching skills, and personal traits. The study was employing a quasi experimental design of a non-random posttest control group; and data analysis was employing statistical methods of ANOVA and MANOVA. The results were showing that the use of PDS in teaching practice was effective for developing some aspects of the student teachers' personal traits and teaching skills. However, there was not enough evidence to conclude that this was significantly effective for developing the competencies related to cognitive aspects, such as knowledge and understanding.

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