Fuzzy Wall Following based on the Dual Frequency Sonar System of the Mobile Robot RAM-2

M.A. Martínez and J.L. Martínez (Spain)


Fuzzy Logic and Systems, Automation, Mobile Robots, Ultrasonic Transducers.


Basic tasks for navigation of autonomous mobile ro bots can be performed in a reactive way that directly maps sensory data into control commands with no need of inter nal representations. A fuzzy controller can efficiently carry out these tasks by means of comprehensible linguistic rules. In this paper, the fuzzy controller uses the information pro vided by a dual-frequency sonar system based on a DSP in order to increase the data gathering speed by the simultane ous firing of two sonars with no crosstalk problem. A local controller is proposed using fuzzy reasoning and ultrasonic sensing to guide the mobile robot RAM-2 while it follows a wall. This is accomplished by using a few numbers of rules.

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