A New Dynamical Fuzzy Modeling and Eigenstructure Assignment Control for SISO Complex Systems

Z. Man, S. Liu (Singapore), X. Yu (Australia), and X. Zhang (PRC)


Complex systems, fuzzy modeling, eigenstructure assignment.


A new dynamical fuzzy modeling technique for SISO complex systems is developed. It is shown that, after the state space is divided into subspaces and a linear time invariant (LTI) model is used to approximate a complex system in each subspace, a global dynamical fuzzy model is then developed by using the weighted average fuzzy inference rule to aggregate all subsystem poles and zeros. The motivation of the new dynamic fuzzy modeling technique is to make a complex system and its global dynamical fuzzy model have the same stability property so that the model can sufficiently represent its system. Due to the linear time-varying (LTV) feature of the new global dynamical fuzzy model, the eigenstructure assignment method for LTV systems is used for the design of a feedback-regulator to stabilize the new global dynamical fuzzy system. A simulation example is given in support of the new dynamical fuzzy modeling and eigenstructure assignment control for SISO complex systems.

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