Data Mining Applied to the Discovery of Symptom Patterns in Data Base of Patients with Nephrolithiasis

L.E. Zárate, P. Alvarenga, R. Paoliello, and T. Ribeiro (Brazil)


Data Mining, Discriminant Rules, Clinical Data Base, Nephrolithiasis


Nephrolithiasis is a disease that is unknown yet a clinical treatment that determines the disease cure. In the adult population is esteemed an incidence around 5 to 12%, being a little lesser in the pediatric band. The renal colic, caused by nephrolithiasis, is the main disease symptom in the adults and it is observed in 14% of the pediatric patients. The disease symptoms in the pediatric patient don't follow a pattern, and this difficult the disease diagnosis. The objective this work is the discovery of patterns of the disease symptoms through application of KDD methodology to determinate discriminantes rules for the patterns of the symptoms. The results and the conclusions of the work are presented in the end of the article.

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