Civilian Agent Simulation for Disaster Rescue Risk-communication

K. Shinoda, I. Noda, and S. Kunifuji (Japan)


Agent Behavior Description, Scenario-based, Disaster Rescue Risk-Communication, Social Simulation


We propose a novel behavior script language, which we call "Parallel Scenario Description", as a general public be havior markup tool for disaster rescue risk-communication. This aims to describe behaviors of agents in disaster rescue simulation. Risk-communication is important for enhancing dis aster rescue activity of the general public. In a disaster sit uation, however, it is difficult to model civilians' behav iors such as goal-oriented problem-solving, because their behavior has multiple and ambiguous purposes simulta neously. Instead of such a formalization, we introduce the "Parallel Scenario Description". In this description, a whole behavior is divided into multiple scenarios for each task by Posit, each of which is a piece of the situation in the state-transition of a scenario. We think this approach is an intuitional expression for the social scientist. Our ap proach facilitates description of complex behavior of civil ian agents in disaster rescue simulations. We implemented applied simulations for risk-communication of disaster res cue based on our framework.

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