Managed End-user Security using Autonomous Agents

A. Zeid, A.F. Tolba, D. Shaheen, H. Mushtaha, M. Khedr, and Y. Mostafa (Egypt)


Security Management (SM), Autonomous Agents,Intrusion Detection.


This paper proposes a framework for managing end user security using autonomous agents. With evolving network topologies and the introduction of wireless networks and roaming users, organizations are finding it harder to protect the nodes in their networks as well as to prevent violation of their policy from within. By placing Autonomous Adaptive Agents at the End-User's device, security tools can be remotely managed, while reporting from time to time to the remote central manager for assessment and instruction. Our proposed framework is extensible to a variety of devices ranging from user PCs to Notebooks and PDAs. At the same time it is platform independent and can be easily extended to manage different security tools, like IDSs, and firewalls. Our test bed is a lightweight IDS called snort..

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