Collaboration Among a Group of Self-autonomous Mobile Robots with Diversified Personalities Related to Positivity and Tenderness

M. Tauchi, D. Sagawa, Y. Sagawa, T. Tanaka, and N. Sugie (Japan)


Cooperative AI systems, Intelligent Agents, Personality,Mobile Robot, Self-autonomous robot


In a simulated world, a group of robots with diversified personalities performs a task where they carry several pieces of baggage to the destination. In this simulation, each robot makes a mutual concession to avoid collision and helps each other to carry some of baggage too big to be carried by one robot. We verify the influence that the diversity of the personality exerts on the task efficiency. We give each robot two kinds of personalities; positivity and tenderness. From the result, it was found that the heterogeneous group performs the task more effectively than the homogeneous group. Therefore, in this study, the diversity in personalities worked effectively, as in the case of biological evolution.

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