NEOCAMPUS2: New Trends in the Functionality of Intelligent Learning Systems

A. Arriaga, M. El Alami, and F. de Arriaga (USA)


Intelligent Learning Systems, E-Learning, Multi-Agent Systems, Knowledge Management


The developments produced in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and particularly those performed in Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) open new possibilities to enhance the functionality of Intelligent Educational or Tutoring Systems (ITS). Learning is a difficult problem but cognitive modeling brings forth a deeper insight to help students to acquire a new ability or solve problems. The new functionality is described in terms of the four ITS traditional modules related to the expert, the student, the tutor and the interface. It makes use not only of the traditional tutorial functions but also of the new ones and of the cognitive modelling and suitable tools, for the adequate representation, management and updating of the whole environment. NEOCAMPUS2 is a practical example of a working Intelligent Learning System (ILS) with that functionality.

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