A Document Managing System for Big Organizations

J. CardeƱosa and E. Tovar (Spain)


Cooperative AI systems, Intelligent Information Systems


This paper aims to describe a system able to handle and distribute efficiently the incoming documentation of a big organization. The system is able to receive faxes and other electronic documents with lacks of information on their addressees. It can detect syntactic and semantic information included in the contents of the document and propose a list of the eventual addressees of the organization. A module with corporate heuristic knowledge decides who the addressee is. Afterwards it sends him/her the document through a distribution system. But perhaps the more interesting aspect for many readers would be to know why this system has not been launched on the market two years after the final review and testing. We will comment why it has not been possible to introduce on the market a system that, after the last testing and external reviews, demonstrated its very high level of usefulness.

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