Valuation of Urban Real Estate Through Artificial Neural Networks

L.E. Zárate and A.P. Neto (Brazil)


Engineering of Valuations, Artificial Neural Networks.


The great advances in the computer science field have contributed to the development of decision systems. The objectives are to boost productivity, improve the quality of the products and the services rendered. In the engineering of valuation field, the use of computational technology is still rather limited. One of the main objectives of this paper is to show the possibility to use computational technology as artificial neural networks in the valuation of urban real estate. In this paper, an application of neural networks to represent the valuation process through the estimate of the sale price of real properties is presented. The discussion will include the selection process and analysis of the data for the training of the neural network, the pre-processing that should be applied to the data, the training process and the validation and analysis of the results. Finally, the conclusions and the future prospects are presented.

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