An ACS Approach for Heterogeneous VRPTW with Multiple Products

J.J. De La Cruz Hernández and C.D. Parternina-Arboleda (Columbia)


Vehicle Routing, Ant Colony System, Tabu Search, Multiple agent.


This paper presents an Ant Colony System approach for solving the Heterogeneous Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows and Multiple Products, that is a practical variant of the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem, CVRP. This ACS approach sets a two-pheromone trail strategy in order to find acceptable good solutions in terms of fleet size as well as travel time required by the fleet to service all the customers). This paper also proposes a procedure to improve solutions based on two memory features of Tabu Search: recent event and frequent event memories. Finally, it shows some experimental results for the ACS approach and improvements made with Tabu Search.

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