A Scalable Matchmaking Agent System

P. Lalitrojwong (Thailand)


Matchmaking Agent, Matchmaker, Software Agent, Cooperative AI System, Multi-Agent System


In a multi-agent system, a matchmaking agent is an information agent helping agents find each other to obtain some services. Four matchmaking models are examined. They have different strengths and weaknesses. The architecture of the matchmaking multi-agent system has an effect to system performance. It may have a lot of agent communications during request-advertisement matching and advertisement updates. We attempt to improve matchmaking performance by proposing a model called Distributed Matchmaking Agent Architecture (DMAA). By imitating the DNS protocol, the agents in this model are organized into three classes working together: root matchmaking agents (RMMAs), authoritative matchmaking agents (AMMAs), and local matchmaking agents (LMMAs). The experiment results demonstrate that it can serve more requests than other previous models.

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