Agency for Integration, Diffusion and Archive of Medical Information

A. Abelha, J. Machado, M. Santos, S. Allegro, F. Rua, M. Paiva, and J. Neves (Portugal)


Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Agents, Medical Information Systems.


Information sources in a healthcare unit are distributed, heterogeneous, large and complex; integrate medical equipments that speak different languages; are built around information systems customized by several companies using different operating systems, languages, applications and hardware. Communications are sometimes limited by old infrastructures and new projects collide with financial restrictions and bureaucratic delays. The homogeneity of clinical, medical and administrative systems is not possible due to financial and technical restrictions, as well as functional needs. The solution is to integrate, diffuse and archive this information under a dynamic framework, in order to share this knowledge with every information system that needs it. In this paper, it is presented AIDA - Agency for Integration, Diffusion and Archive of Medical Information. AIDA is an agency that supplies intelligent electronic workers called proactive agents, in charge of some tasks, such as communicating with the heterogeneous systems, sending and receiving information (e.g. medical or clinical reports, images, collections of data, prescriptions), managing and saving the infomation and answering to information requests. AIDA also supports Web based services to facilitate the direct access to the information and communication with human beings.

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