A Virtual Environment Tool for Simulating Dynamic Teleoperated Tasks

J.M. Sabater, J.M. Azorín, F.J. Martínez, C. Fernández, and R. Ñeco (Spain)


Virtual Reality, Teleoperation, Dynamic systems, Haptics, Telerobotics


This paper describes a software-based testbed developed for research and training teleoperated tasks that consists of manipulating dynamics objects with a robot in a tele operated way. This tool allows to develop different virtual environments along with their dynamic features in such a way that the operator can make the task previously than in the real environment. The testbed also includes a six DOF haptic interface, a fast collision detection algorithm and an algorithm to simulate the reaction forces between the robot and the rigid or deformable objects in contact with the robot. Finally we present some experiments carried out to show the performance of the virtual system developed .

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