CBR Assisting Computations in Structural Analysis

A.A. Khan and F. Azam (Pakistan)


Case-based Reasoning, Intelligent Systems, Structural Analysis, Error estimation


The significance of the use of Artificial Intelligence to the structural analysis domain can not be doubted. Several Rule based systems have been developed in this area whereas; the concept of Case Based Reasoning (CBR) a refined AI technique has only been successfully applied in non engineering areas. However, this paper describes the application of CBR in an engineering subject. CBR is being applied in structural analysis domain to resolve the problem of specifying a high quality initial mesh to activate the adaptive analysis process. Issues related to development of case-based reasoner have also been briefly discussed. The technique makes use of experts' knowledge to guide the engineers towards an optimal starting point of analysis. An intelligent system composed of two modules Case Based Reasoner and Adaptive Finite Element method is proposed to assist the structure designers. Complete system framework in structural analysis domain has been proposed and outlined. Successful use of the system will not only assure the provision of the experts' knowledge to the common users but also automate the finite element modeling process.

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