Representing Digital Filmmaking Techniques for Practical Application

J. Shen, S. Miyazaki, T. Aoki, and H. Yasuda (Japan)


Cinematic Knowledge Representation, Rulebased Reasoning, Automatic MovieMaking System, 3D Animation, Virtual Director,


The film industry has used advanced computer techniques in filmmaking for years. But the tool packages such as software animators or film/video editors largely rely on human's intervention for the design of the resulting pictures. Domain knowledge captured from the film craftsmen can give great aid for creating high qualitative motion pictures and save time and labor. Furthermore, dependent on the cinematic knowledge base, the digital moviemaking procedure can be automated through Artificial Intelligent approach. This paper describes digital filmmaking knowledge modeling with rule-based reasoning and its application in an automatic movie generation system DMP we are implementing. Knowledge representation and reasoning strategies are realized by expert system tool CLIPS 6.20.

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