XRoaster: An XML-based Visual Tool for Data Sharing and Integration

A.M. Molina Vargas and M. Rodríguez Martínez (Puerto Rico)


Data Sharing, Schema Mapping, Database Middleware


Schema Integration is one of the most difficult issues in the heterogeneous and Distributed Databases Systems. The integration and sharing of information has become a crucial task for the organizations and decision makers. Database Middleware Systems have become a highly desirable and important technology to tackle this problem. But, one of the main problems faced by system administrator for middleware systems is that there are very few tools for catalog management and schema mapping management. Most tasks are done manually, and it is often necessary to write some ad-hoc code to make any change in the global schema. This research attempts to provide a solution to tackle such problems. The research reported in this paper describes a schema integration methodology and prototype tool that interacts with the administrator and suggests possible actions to help the administrator to efficiently manage the catalog and accomplish the integration and sharing information.

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