A Discrete Model for Spatial Data with Temporal Uncertainty

E. Tøssebro and M. Nygård (Norway)


Uncertainty Modelling, Spatial Data, Temporal Data


This paper builds on earlier works on vector-based dis crete models for uncertainty in spatial databases. It extends these models so that they are also capable of modelling spatiotemporal data. The extension is based on the idea of time slices, which have been used in [1] to cre ate a model for normal spatiotemporal data. The new extension deals with how to model spatial uncertainty in spatiotemporal data as well as how to model temporal uncertainty. The paper also looks at the problem of creat ing spatiotemporal objects from a set of observations when the times these observations were taken are uncer tain. The resulting model increases the storage required as much for uncertain data as the model from [1] does for normal data.

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