Toward a Tool for Software Development Knowledge Capitalization

V. Bevo, R. Nkambou, and H. Donfack (Canada)


CBR, knowledge management, software engineering, reuse.


Reuse in software development constitutes a major challenge for many software development companies: In addition to being able to allow a substantial reduction in development costs and an improvement of productivity, it could also improve the quality of software products. During several years, research on the issue focused on the reuse at source code level. Since the nineties, a certain number of research work extended the reflexion to reuse at the development process level. The CIAO-SI1 project which first results are presented in this paper takes advantage and deepens such an extension of the reflexion on reuse in software development. The purpose of this project is to exploit the CBR2 methodology/technique in designing and building a tool for capitalizing development experience/knowledge within a software development company and providing developers with appropriate assistance during the development process. The core of such a tool is a memory of software artifacts (models, documents, source code...) which may be produced in CASE tools. It is supported by domain and tasks ontologies related either to some software development processes (RUP, Merise...) or some application domains (Human Resources Management, accounting, banking...). The assistance takes advantage of e-learning techniques.

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