Distributed Emergent Semantics in P2P Networks

P. Fergus, A. Mingkhwan, M. Merabti, and M. Hanneghan (UK)


Evolutionary Programming, PeertoPeer, Knowledge Management, Ontology, JXTA, General Consensus.


Distributing semantic information in P2P networks enables knowledge management solutions to regress from centralised knowledge representations reliant on global consensus. This allows distributed peers to create and share knowledge with other peers connected in the network and automatically self-organise knowledge based on structural similarities. In order to achieve this, peers must collaborate and share information with each other, therefore toolsets to merge and categorise semantic information conceptually remains paramount. Our work highlights a key solution for discovering and merging semantic information distributed in peer-to-peer network environments. This paper shows how peers discover and merge semantic structures using evolutionary programming techniques, which capture the general consensus within the peer network. We describe the Distributed Emergent Semantics (DistrES) protocol used and describe the functionality of the prototype system we developed.

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