UDDI for E-Learning: A Repository for Distributed Learning Objects

G. Vossen and P. Westerkamp (Germany)


Distance learning, collaborative systems, Web services, service discovery


E-learning is currently taking the shape of a Web service in various applications, i.e. learners can search for suitable content, book it, pay for it, and consume it. It is shown in this paper how the search aspects can technically be combined with the recent standardization efforts that aim at content exchangeability and efficient reuse. A repository for learning object publication and search is propose that essentially adapts the UDDI framework used in commercial Web services to the e-learning context. Its main features are that the repository itself, i.e., all meta-information contained in it, is centralized, while the actual content that is referred to can be arbitrarily distributed. The propsal is part of the LearnServe project which aims at the provision of learning services on the Web.

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