Online Fabric Database with Intelligent Search and Fuzzy Clustering

J. Chen, Y. Chen, B. Zhang, S. Vuppala, A. Gider (USA), and W. Gao (PRC)


Online database, Intelligent search engine, Fabric sourcing, Fuzzy clustering


In this paper, we present our on-going work on a web based online database for fabric sourcing. The objective of the database and its intelligent search engine is to ad dress the urgent needs of cloth manufacturers, clothing de signers and retailers to quickly find suitable fabric mate rials and fabric manufacturers. The intelligent search en gine allows users to enter flexible queries in search for fab rics according to fabric mechanical property, the intended garment appearance, as well as tailorability of the fabrics. We also apply fuzzy linear clustering method of Hathaway and Bezdek [1] to the task of fabric drape property predic tion which is useful for selecting suitable fabrics. We show that the fuzzy linear clustering method is quite effective for this task. A combination of fuzzy clustering and k-nearest neighbor method further improved the drape prediction ac curacy.

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