Support for Question-Answering Systems: Adding Proper Name Derivatives to a Lexical Database

M.A. Rahman and M. Evens (USA)


QuestionAnswering, Proper Names, Machine Readable Dictionaries, Derivatives of Proper Names


Question-Answering systems require proper names to be recognized and often formulating an answer may also require proper name identification and extraction. Proper verbs, proper adjectives, and proper adverbs are derivatives of proper nouns. This paper presents our effort to identify and retrieve these derivatives from a machine-readable dictionary and store them in a lexical database. In this paper we first introduce these derivatives and how they are used in context. We then describe how they are listed in the Collins English Dictionary (CED) and how we identify them in running text or in the dictionary when they appear in an entry. We then explain the problems associated with this process briefly and then we discuss related work that other researchers have attempted in this area. We then describe how we laid out the lexical database and what information about these derivatives we retrieve and store in the database.

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