Modeling Web Hypermedia Systems

I. Radev (USA)


Web contentbased modeling, Web multimedia, Web hypermedia, Web contentbased information retrieval, Web contentbased search, Visual search.


Since we are still in the infancy of support for the technologies that deal with the content and semantics of the information presented on the Web, even though many studies concentrate on developing attractive Web applications, very few discuss the fundamental problems of modeling and retrieval of Web data based on its content and semantics. The key focus of this paper is Web abstractions query and search mechanisms development. These important issues will be dealt with through investigation of advanced approaches for modeling and querying the content of the Web documents. The main purpose of this paper is to present our approach for data modeling and retrieval of Web hypermedia data. Our modeling approach provides abstractions for conceptual modeling of Web data using Web document metadata, intra-document metadata, and inter-document metadata. It also allows the conceptual data and metadata from Web documents to be extracted and represented in a structured manner. Finally, this approach provides for querying and retrieval of collection of Web-based documents based on their content. In overall, the research in this paper will have a potentially large impact on the technologies used in information sources for electronic commerce, including Web search engines, online catalogs, and electronic advertising.

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