A Web Model for Querying, Storing, and Processing Multimedia Content

M. Sert and B. Baykal (Turkey)


Sharing Knowledge and Information, Internetbased Tech nologies, Contentbased Retrieval, Multimedia Databases


In this paper, a novel Web model is presented, which is capable of querying and storing multimedia content. The Web model is original in the context of BC4J, as well as the integration of many Web technologies such as XML, JSP, JBO, and EJB. We believe that the existing literature does not focus on this point enough. We demonstrate ap plications of our work which support management, online processing, keyword-based, content-based, and low-level feature based retrieval of visual data. We used Oracle's Vi sual Information Retrieval tool for content-based retrieval of still images. In addition, we have made use of subject classification to improve retrieval speed.

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